REVIEW: How ‘Yesh Tikvah’ Has Become The Hit in Town

Crown Heights resident, Benny Friedman’s new album ‘Yesh Tikvah’, while receiving a tremendous amount of positive reviews all over, has become the hit in town since released in November 2012. In a crowded field of stars and wedding singers, the release has also earned a Twitter hashtag: #YeshTikvah.

The Hebrew song in the album, named ‘Yesh Tikvah’, has since its release become the latest hit played by almost every Jewish Wedding in town. The tune and the lyrics seems to have a soulful impact as an energizer of hope.

The official music video was produced by Moshe Bree of Ingenious productions. The song was composed by Ari Goldwag, with lyrics by Miriam Israel, arranged by Ian Freitor. The song was produced by Avi Newmark and distributed by Aderet music.

here’s the lyrics translated to English (via Jewish Lyrics)

Look around, far and near
Where’s the joy, where’s the cheer
Why the fear, why the frown
Why the smile upside down
Shake yourself from the dust
Scrape your soul from the rust
Know that this too shall pass
For in G-d we trust

There is hope
If we sing our hope together
We have faith that is stronger than the terror
No despair, no dismay
Everything will be okay
He is with us night and day

Brother dear
Dry your tears
Take my hand, never fear
Let’s advance, side by side
And let’s cast our fright aside
Don’t forget all the love
That we have from Above
And you’ll see with the dawn
All the pain will be gone

Unlike many daily releases, Yesh Tikvah has become the CD to buy or download.

Back in Dec. Benny Friedman tweeted this:

This week, @DaveUpdates, enthusiastically tweeted about Yesh Tikvah now becoming the #2 in most downloaded album ever:

It was also the number #1 playlist of the year on Jroot Radio:

One can asses the impact it had on Jewish Music, by simply watching this video uploaded on YouTube, from a local Boro Park wedding, that had a ultimate uplifting reaction bringing down the hall (minute 00:50):

Even Shira Choir, known for their Hasidic style of singing, knew how to put on a brave face with a perfect display of the song,  at a recent wedding:

The song has also inspired this young boy, Isaac Berry, who uploaded his own version of the song, while listening to Benny on his headphones:

Many may wonder how this song, or rather parts of the album, has become so popular, why it has earned a place at the head of the table?

The answer lays in its wording: HOPE!

“Music has the ability to reach into the recesses of your soul and affect you,” writes Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, Editor of the Yated newspaper in his weekly column.  “That impact is magnified when the lyrics are relevant.”

Reviewing the significance of the song, he writes: “Is there anyone you know who couldn’t benefit from someone tapping them on the shoulder and saying, “I love you. Let me take your hand and walk with you”? Why don’t we try it, at least once?

Is there a teenager, an adult, or someone in between who is down on himself and couldn’t use a friendly reminder that Hashem loves them?

Is there anything wrong with reminding people who are broken, or worried, fearing the future or something in their past, that there is hope? “Yesh tikva!” we should be saying. “Put it behind you! Be strong! Everything will work out!”

“It seems so simplistic, but it isn’t. People who are in pain, who have had a bad experience, or who fear what the next day will bring need to be given reason for hope. They need to be reassured that Yesh Tikva. People who feel that their world is closing in on them need to be reminded that someone loves them, someone cares about them, and they must never give up hope that the next day will be better. As bad as their situation is, there is always a glimmer of light and a ray of hope. There is good in their lives that they cannot feel when they succumb to the hurt and the fear,” Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz added.

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